What Cars 3 Taught Me About Health

My two-year-old son loves the Cars trilogy! We have watched all three movies about a dozen times. It’s amazing to me how he wants to watch the same movie multiple times and always with the same level of interest and curiosity. He doesn’t fall victim to the law of familiarity and so every time Cars is on, it’s like watching it for the first time. I’ve begun to do the same so every time we are watching the movie, I try to pay attention as if I’m watching it anew. Recently something new jumped out at me, something that I hadn’t heard or seen before. 

life is too short to take no for an answer

lou (cars 3)

“Life is too short to take no for an answer” Lou, one of the female old school cars said. Yes indeed, life is too short to take no for an answer! 

I have an internal debate with myself all the time, two voices, with two different points of view. In reality its only one voice and the I (consciousness) that hears and is aware of that voice (aka monkey mind, inner critic, inner villain, etc.).  My conscious wants me to exercise, to eat better, to be all that I can be, to work harder and smarter, to live my life to the maximum. My inner critic tries to convince me to live a lazy life, to not exercise, to not eat better, to not live a healthier life. The worst thing the inner critic tries to talk me into is to postpone it all until tomorrow. 

Life is too short to take no for an answer, so I ignore the inner critic and I command myself to do all that is good for me. To eat better, to exercise, to live healthier and to live my life to the max! Because life is too short to spend it debating with myself! 

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