Here is Why You are Tired of The Resistance You Feel When It Comes to Making Better Health Decisions

We all feel it, it creeps on slowly like a worm making its way through the world after a rainy day. You feel it right before you want to do that work, right before you want to study, right before you want to tackle that big project. You feel it right before you want to commit to eating healthier, exercising more and improving your sleep. What is this feeling? Why does it always come on in the moment you decide to make a change, in the moment you decide to pursue your “calling”’, in the moment you decide to improve your health and yourself. 

Resistance is that feeling, it prevents you from becoming a better version of yourself. Resistance prevents you from developing better eating, sleeping and exercising habits! How many times have you made a decision to stop smoking, or to stop eating that garbage food you eat? You make that decision in an instant and then… silence… nothing, nothing changes and your right back to where you were before you made that decision. 

What is Resistance?

Resistance is that inner voice, it’s the inner critic, it’s the voice you hear thousands of times a day. It’s the voice that argues with you, asks you questions and gives you the answers to those questions. It’s the voices that questions your skills, abilities and your actions. 

Resistance is always finding a way in your life; before every decision and action. The night before you made a commitment to going for a run the next morning. Morning comes, the sun is shining bright and you are not. You have a debate with yourself, and you remember the commitment that you made. You feel that resistance, something telling you not to go running. Resistance is causing you to procrastinate and you give in. Now instead of running in the morning, you will be running in the evening. 

The evening has come and the time to run has come with it. Your inner debate starts back up again like two adolescent siblings fighting over the remote. You feel that resistance again, something telling you not to go running this evening. This resistance causes you to procrastinate, again. You give in and your day is over as the clocks strikes 12AM and you have not gone for the run like you had promised yourself. 

Unfulfilled promises, we make lots of those. We are constantly making promises to ourselves, and constantly not following through on those promises. We are constantly fooling ourselves. 

Failure is a result of not making things as important as they really are

Tony Robbins

You Can Stop the Debate

Stop the debate by ignoring the debate. Let’s face it, that voice you hear will always be there, that inner critic will always have something to say. That resistance will always come so don’t spend all your energy trying to find strategies and ways to prevent it from speaking. 

What you can do is simple, what you can do is act. Act in spite of that resistance! If you made a promise, if you have made a commitment to yourself to go for a run, to eat better, to improve your health then don’t spend any of your time caught up in the debate of whether you should or should not do the aforementioned. Don’t spend your effort and energy participating in this debate, you must follow through on the promises you make yourself. 

I love the reason that Tony Robbins gives about why he plunges himself every day in cold water. For him it’s about conditioning his mind to do what he wants it to do, it’s about conditioning himself to not spend his time prior to action debating that action. When he makes a commitment to do something, when he makes a promise to himself then he MUST follow through with. 

What are you going to plunge yourself into?

Image Credit: Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

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