The Five Things Triggering Your Unhealthy Habits

It is common to have a hard time to change unhealthy habits. It is common to try many times and fail many times as well. It is common to feel frustrated. There are specific triggers that make habit change more challenging. If you identify those triggers, you will change your behaviors easier. This free guide walks you through the five most common triggers.

You’ll Discover:

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    How To Change Unhealthy Habits

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    The 5 Habit Triggers

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    The Habit Hack Report Tool

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Clients I've Helped

I am always looking for the supplements that will be working best for me and my needs. However, among such an abundance of supplements, it is hard to pick the right one! Maamoun helped me to choose what I need based on my specific needs, and I couldn't be happier! Highly recommend!

Yuliya I.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

I had been struggling with cold so bad. It used to hit me couple of times each season. Maamoun recommended me to a enrich my nutrition with some vitamins, including a quality vitamin D. And I couldn't believe those great results! I haven't been having neither cold nor flu for more than a year so far. And as a bonus I became more active and energetic! Great! Thanks a lot Maamoun! 

Olga K.

Maamoun helped me transform my life and my body. I am a professional ballroom dancer but I have struggled with bad eating habits all my life, which had a direct impact on my vitality and my profession. I have tried multiple dieting plans, workout programs and subscriptions but I always ended up where I started. Maamoun guided me through the process of breaking old habits and creating new ones while making it easy and exciting at the same time. I wouldn’t have accomplished my health and strength goals if it wasn’t for him. I highly recommend him to anybody who wants to improve their eating habits and rituals. He will change your life for ever!

Paulina S.

Professional Ballroom Dancer and Instructor at NP Dance

Portrait of Maamoun Hossayrami, PharmaD.

Wheel Of Health Coaching

With Maamoun Hossayrami, PharmD., A-CFHC

I know that you want to achieve a fuller level of health. This is why I started this business. As a pharmacist who left traditional pharmacy to become a health coach I can guide you towards better health.

I don't care about the quantity of prescriptions filled or the dollar amount that they represent. I care about helping you achieve full health by working together on the physical, the mental and the emotional aspects of your well being.

Steps to achieve your Full Health:

Schedule a consultation now. Download the Wheel of Health guide and begin identifying areas of your health that have been neglected by traditional pharmacy

Stop accepting the traditional pharmacy paradigm.