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Fight against bad habits, dangerous effects of smoking. Set of filter cigarettes, cigars with tobacco in ashtray, nicotine addiction. Crumpled gobies, broken cigarettes. Vector illustration.

Why it’s Hard to Quit Smoking

I love the movie Holes! Recently I found out that my wife hadn’t watched it, so I turned it on for her because it’s a good movie. Maybe I think it’s a good movie because I have nostalgia when I watch it, nostalgia of my early days in High School (where I watched the movie…

office chaos

How The Chaos in Chain Pharmacies is a Side Effect of a Bigger Problem

Those who are dedicated to a life of wisdom understand that the impulse to blame something or someone is foolishness, that there is nothing to be gained in blaming, whether it be others or oneself Epictetus  What I Remember About Pharmacy School I still remember the conversations, conversations that I heard when I was a…


Here is Why You are Tired of The Resistance You Feel When It Comes to Making Better Health Decisions

We all feel it, it creeps on slowly like a worm making its way through the world after a rainy day. You feel it right before you want to do that work, right before you want to study, right before you want to tackle that big project. You feel it right before you want to…

breathing for energy

How To Breathe For More Energy And To Reduce Stress

Have we been conditioned? Have we been influenced to grab that cup of coffee, and/or energy drink? I know I certainly have many times. How many times have you seen this play out on TV or in a movie? The character going for the coffee in the moments where they need that extra boost.  Is…

How to Easily Eat Healthier

How many diets have you tried to follow? How often have you stuck with a diet before giving up? How often have you had success with any one particular diet? I dislike the word diet, we have been conditioned to think of two things immediately after we hear someone say they are on a diet.…


What Cars 3 Taught Me About Health

My two-year-old son loves the Cars trilogy! We have watched all three movies about a dozen times. It’s amazing to me how he wants to watch the same movie multiple times and always with the same level of interest and curiosity. He doesn’t fall victim to the law of familiarity and so every time Cars…

Portrait of thoughtful young african american woman with curly black hair looking up with her hand on the chin. Concrete wall background with many question marks on it.

Four Questions to Better Health

You want to lose weight, you want to stop smoking, you want to be healthier, to exercise more, to eat better. Yet you seem to never be able to figure out how to do it. When you finally manage to get started you fall multiple times and never get back up. There they lay, your…

plant seeding growing step. concept agriculture

Thriving Despite the Stress

You are running, running around with thoughts in your head bouncing around at a million miles per hour! You’ve had days like this, but things have gone too far, you notice you are experiencing more stress on a daily basis, more than you used to. Everywhere you go, there it is, waiting for you. Stress…