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Why I Don’t Regret Leaving Pharmacy

My reasons for leaving traditional pharmacy without regrets. Two Years and Four Months It’s been two years and four months since I graduated pharmacy school. It’s been that long since I decided to not work in pharmacy and to not pursue the path of climbing the pharmacy corporate latter. It’s been that long since I…


Pharmacists Need to Provide Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching

Should Pharmacists Stick to Being ‘Drug Experts’  Should pharmacists stick to being only the ‘drug experts’? There are some people, including pharmacists who will answer yes to the above question. They believe that because pharmacists are the ‘medication experts’ they are only qualified to work within the boundaries of this profession. Pharmacist’s Role Expanded Because…


How Magnesium Can Help Prevent Your Migraines

What Most Pharmacists Never Learn Why is so much of pharmacy and so many pharmacists dependent on conventional medicine for treating lifestyle diseases? Why is the focus always on medications? What prevents pharmacists from being more mindful and holistic with how they approach and think about health and disease prevention? Take for example Migraines and…


Can Supplementing With Vitamin D Help With Migraines?

During my education in pharmacy school and on my clinical rotations most of the non-pharmacological solutions were neglected. Why is there such an overemphasis on medications in pharmacy? Why do most pharmacies and pharmacist fail to pay attention to solutions outside the pill bottle? Can Supplementing With Vitamin D Help With Migraines? Migraines are painful…


74.9% of Community Pharmacists Experience Burnout!

74.9% of community pharmacists experience burnout! I think what’s more sad and frustrating than this statistic is knowing that the burnout pharmacists experience is primarily due to unfavorable work conditions. 68.9% of the pharmacists said that they experience burnout due to emotional exhaustion. 50.4% said their burnout is due to depersonalization and 30.7% said their…


Why I Walked Away From Pharmacy

We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we have only one Confucius I graduated pharmacy school in 2019 and afterwards I decided to take an unconventional path. Unlike most that graduate pharmacy school I didn’t go into retail, hospital or even residency. I made the decision to walk away from pharmacy…


The Problem With Conventional Pharmacy

The pharmacy space is changing drastically, especially retail pharmacy. Retail pharmacist face difficult work conditions. Most pharmacist are hesitant to express their opinions on the issues facing pharmacy for fear of being fired from their jobs and losing their professional reputation.  Retail pharmacy is shrinking. According to the 2019 employment data by The Bureau of…

Goal,plan,action text on light box on desk table in home office.Business motivation or inspiration,performance of human concepts ideas

How Implementation Intentions Are Better Than Plans

Habit Change Is Hard Like most people, you want to be healthier, lose weight, have more energy, get better sleep, have emotional resiliency and strength, reduce your stress, and become a peak performer. Like most people, you also feel powerless when it comes to your unhealthy habits. You feel like you lack control of your…

negative feelings

How Negative Feelings Help You Change Your Habits

The other day my son and I were getting ready to go to the pool to swim. My son, two and half years old, is learning how to dress and undress himself. He was attempting to take off his socks. He got extremely frustrated, irritated and annoyed because he couldn’t figure it out. Why am…


How You Can Quit Smoking By Focusing On These Two Steps

Is smoking an addiction or a habit?  The line that separates habits from addiction is not clear. I have thought about this several times as I’ve begun my journey as a health and wellness coach. Addiction as defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine “is a treatable, chronic medical disease involving complex interactions among…