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The Fat Guy And The Skinny Guy Inside All Of Us

The Fat Guy You have two totally different personalities inside of you; the fat guy and the skinny guy. They have different needs, different interests and different lifestyles. The fat guy is lazy. He wants to sit on the couch, eat junk food, watch TV, eat some more and never exercise. Exercise is the last…


How Can Supplements Help Improve Your Sleep?

Supplements cannot ‘knock you out’ People are always looking for the quick fixes. I’ve been guilty of it too. It’s easier to search for the quick fix solution to our health problems than it is to change our habits. Habit change is hard. It’s even harder when it’s health related such as sleep, exercise, nutrition,…


How Am I Coping With Not Working As Pharmacist

I burned my pharmacy bridges  I never saw myself working as a retail pharmacist. Even when I was in pharmacy school I knew that I didn’t want to work in retail pharmacy. I graduated pharmacy school in 2019 and with a doctor of pharmacy degree in hand I decided to not work in this profession.…


Can Supplements Help With Weight Loss?

Not too long ago I was in a vitamin store. It was a quick trip for me but the few minutes that I was there I overhead a short conversation centred on weight loss. One of the customers, a woman, while holding a few supplements asked the clerk “what else do I need to take…

human nature

Why It’s Important to Approach Health And Wellness By Focusing On The Four Dimensions of Human Nature

Do traditional pharmacies and pharmacists neglect to pay attention to the four dimensions of human nature when interacting with patients? What are the four dimensions of human nature? Stephen Covey, in his book describes that: Human nature is four dimensional: the body, the mind, the heart and the spirit. In the culture approach for the body,…


How Pharmacists Can Help Change The Eating Habits of Patients

Can pharmacists play a role in changing the eating habits of their patients? Should they be doing that? And what resources can they rely on as a blueprint for how to make it happen? Do pharmacists have a role to play in changing the eating habits of their patients? Absolutley. The more useful question ought…


Why I Don’t Regret Leaving Pharmacy

My reasons for leaving traditional pharmacy without regrets. Two Years and Four Months It’s been two years and four months since I graduated pharmacy school. It’s been that long since I decided to not work in pharmacy and to not pursue the path of climbing the pharmacy corporate latter. It’s been that long since I…


Pharmacists Need to Provide Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching

Should Pharmacists Stick to Being ‘Drug Experts’  Should pharmacists stick to being only the ‘drug experts’? There are some people, including pharmacists who will answer yes to the above question. They believe that because pharmacists are the ‘medication experts’ they are only qualified to work within the boundaries of this profession. Pharmacist’s Role Expanded Because…


How Magnesium Can Help Prevent Your Migraines

What Most Pharmacists Never Learn Why is so much of pharmacy and so many pharmacists dependent on conventional medicine for treating lifestyle diseases? Why is the focus always on medications? What prevents pharmacists from being more mindful and holistic with how they approach and think about health and disease prevention? Take for example Migraines and…


Can Supplementing With Vitamin D Help With Migraines?

During my education in pharmacy school and on my clinical rotations most of the non-pharmacological solutions were neglected. Why is there such an overemphasis on medications in pharmacy? Why do most pharmacies and pharmacist fail to pay attention to solutions outside the pill bottle? Can Supplementing With Vitamin D Help With Migraines? Migraines are painful…