100 Days For Sustainable Fat Loss

Achieve sustainable weight loss without having to depend on the weight loss medications that are offered by conventional pharmacies

When people say they want to lose weight, what they really mean is that they want to lose fat.

When people want to lose weight they normally pose the problem they have in the form of a question.

That question is often, "How do I lose fat?"

This is actually the wrong question to even ask yourself.

When it comes to achieving sustainable fat loss there are three important questions you must ask before starting your journey.

  1. The first question you need to ask is, "how much fat do I carry around?"

  2. The second question you need to ask is, "what is my fat goal?"

  3. The final and third question you need to ask is, "how do I get there?". This usually translates into, "how do I lose fat?".

The answer to the first question is easy to determine with tools like DXA scan and/or BIA scale

Weight gain doesn't equal fat gain and weight loss doesn't equal fat loss. What matters more than the total body fat you have is the percentage of body fat you have.

Take for example, a person who starts out weighing 160lbs with 20% body fat so that means they carry around 32 lbs of fat.

Let's say that after training for half a year they reach a weight of 164 lbs with 16% body fat which means they now carry around 26lbs of fat. This means they've gained 4lbs of weight but they've lost 6 lbs of fat which means they've gained 10 lbs of lean mass

The answer to the second question should NEVER start with a number! 

The answer should be based on what your outcome is? Do you want to look sexy at the beach? Or maybe you simply want to avoid the health problems that are associated with an excess body fat? Or maybe you are an ultra-athlete trying to prepare for a competition?

The answer to your question of, "what is my fat goal?" is going to depend on what your lifestyle is and what your ultimate outcome is.

In general, it is important to determine your fat fitness goal range based on your sex and age (something we will tackle together).

The important concept to understand is that diet is absolutely the key. Exercise can certainly help you build muscle and lose fat. But when it comes to fat loss, eating better will always trump exercising more

But eating better is not always easy, which is why this aspect of fat loss is our core focus during our coaching together.

Let's work together to provide you with clearer answers to the three questions posed above. But, more importantly let's work together to get you the fat loss results you want!

What's Included

  • One 60 minute initial session for FREE ($150 value) when you sign up now
  • 4 coaching sessions per month for 3 months. Consisting of 4x 45 minute sessions once a week (12 total sessions)
  • Online client portal. Allows us to set, track and achieve your fat loss goals
  • Access to me via text outside our normal coaching sessions
  • Non-biased and evidence based supplement recommendations to stimulate fat loss
  • Mindful eating e-journal
  • Personalized fat loss massive action plan. Calorie, macro and portion guide (no weird diet or detox programs)
  • Fat loss and nutrition resoruces (handouts, worksheets, etc.)